Our team

  • Paul Freedman

    A longtime advocate for the transformative power of education, Paul has founded, managed, and invested in several successful education ventures, including Entangled Ventures, Altius Education, Hobsons, and Academic Engine. He holds a B.A. in Public Policy from the University of Chicago.

  • Emily Foote

    Driven by the ideal of providing equal education opportunities for all learners, Emily co-founded Practice. A former Teach for America and KIPP teacher, lawyer and luddite, Emily has embraced technology’s potential to help educators scale great teaching and learning. Emily received her B.A. and M.S. Ed. from the University of Pennsylvania and her J.D. from Drexel Law.

  • Josh Salcman

    An edtech veteran, Josh co-founded and ran Virtual Nerd through its acquisition by Pearson, where he led Product Strategy for K-12 Literacy & Math. Prior to Virtual Nerd, Josh held leadership positions in innovation and user experience strategy at Metaphase Design Group and IBM. He received an M.I.D. in Product Design from Pratt Institute and a B.A. in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University.

  • Jason Sanders

    In addition to his role as Practice’s CFO, Jason Sanders is the co-founder and COO of Entangled Ventures. He has run operations for companies of various sizes, possesses extensive venture capital experience and leverages his management consulting experience. He received a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and is an active angel investor and advisor to numerous private companies.

  • Dan Lopez

    Dan is dedicated to building technology that empowers educators and learners to achieve their goals. Dan previously taught high school science with Teach For America, created a collaboration platform for teachers and has spent the past few years writing code and leading product teams. In his free time, he likes playing board games, competing in triathlons and traveling with his wife. Dan has an S.B in mechanical engineering from MIT and an M.S.Ed from the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Paul Tzen

    Trained as an electrical engineer at Georgia Institute of Technology, Paul has 10+ years of software engineering experience and has worked in organizations large to small. These days he enjoys working with the talented Practice engineering team, working across the web stack – from infrastructure and databases, to architecture, APIs, and front-end UI.

  • Jason Blanchard

    Jason is passionate about building tools that empower learners to do great things. When he’s not reading about code, writing code or teaching other people how to write code, you can find him perfecting his Black IPA homebrew recipe or exploring Philadelphia with his wife.

  • Jamie Cheng

    Jamie is a passionate Android developer who wishes to give her users a better visual and user experience while experimenting with her applications. On top of her 2+ year application building experiences, she is still eager to learn anything related to “mobile.” She enjoys the tech industry very much and looks forward to funny tech April Fool’s Day pranks every year.

  • Manuel Nakamurakare

    Originally from Peru, Manuel is a technology enthusiast. Since the very first time Manuel set foot in Silicon Valley back in 2011, he knew this was the place where he had to be and in 2012 he decided to move from Peru to the U.S. to follow his passion. When he is not at work, he is trying to learn something that could help him build the next big thing.

  • Morgan Loewith

    With a background in marketing and a desire to help others, Morgan spends her days at Practice assisting clients with problems big and small. Outside of work, she can be found running along the Schulykill River, eating truffle pecorino pizza at Nomad, and cheering on her beloved Eagles every Sunday during football season.

  • Jennifer Eng

    Jennifer has a publishing background and is an advocate for education and lifelong learning. She taught high school English in Takamatsu, Japan as part of the JET Program, and volunteers with literacy/gender equality nonprofit Room to Read. She can be found rehearsing for her next open mic, writing short fiction, and hoping for the Giants’ next championship ring.

  • Ryan McMahan

    Ryan comes with 11 years of mobile/web product design experience across multiple industries, including digital music, social networking, mobile gaming, advertising, transportation and, as of now, education technology. When he’s not in the office designing the next big feature, you might find him at the skatepark with his kids, at a live show with his wife, or on the mountain with a camera.

  • David Williams

    David has over ten years of marketing experience, most recently with the data infrastructure and analytics startup RJMetrics. Prior to that, he was a Content Strategist and Senior Account Manager at the digital marketing agency, SEER Interactive. David’s brand building experience comes from working at vitaminwater where he was the Market Manager for New York City prior to, and throughout the Coca-Cola global brand launch. He studied creative writing in college, has written television and film scripts and is a sucker for a good story.

  • Priya Mukunthan

    Priya has over 10 years of experience in software testing using web applications, databases, ETL, and mobile. She holds a master’s degree in software systems from the Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS). Outside of work, Priya enjoys traveling with her family, playing board games, and listening to Indian music.

  • Alyson Emmett

    Alyson has a background in human resources, leadership development, outdoor experiential education, and K-12 public school teaching. She is interested in the relationships between technology, pedagogy, and curriculum, and how modern tools can increase learner access and bridge the gap between teaching and learning. When she’s not building relationships with clients and showing off all the wonderful features of Practice, she can usually be found camping, backpacking, or pretending she’s a Goonie.

  • Marcelo Perez

    Marcelo is a creator and designer of icons, typeface user experience, and interfaces for web and mobile. Originally from Bolivia, he has worked for small and big companies in San Francisco and Japan over the past 15 years. He enjoys traveling and collaborating with creative people on great projects. His hobbies include cooking, skating, pilsners, and good coffee.

  • Erik Jenks

    Prior to becoming a software developer, Erik was a martial arts instructor, and has been involved in teaching for most of his professional career. When not wrangling code, he practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu, plays guitar, goes surfing, and takes long walks with his dogs.

  • tristan

    Tristan Hough

    Tristan is motivated by helping shape the educational environment to one that all learners find effective. He hopes to use his background in customer service to ensure seamless transitions to positive learning processes. Originally from Seattle, he enjoys being outdoors, exercising, and watching live performances. Tristan received his B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Washington.

  • Nick Alzapiedi

    Nick has a background in electrical engineering and graduated from the Stevens Institute of Technology, then decided to switch to software engineering. He recently relocated to Philadelphia from the NYC area. In his spare time, Nick enjoys swimming, hiking, yoga, and playing the guitar.

  • Thomas O’Brien

    Thomas is a Seattle native and recently relocated to San Francisco. He received his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Washington, and is a recent graduate of the Galvanize Web Developer Immersive program. Thomas enjoys traveling, and would like to visit South America next.

  • Trish Delude

    Trish has a background in marketing and client management across a range of industries including global health, health foods, tech, and higher education. She loves building relationships and earning the trust of her clients. Trish is a motorcycle owner, casual urban cyclist, enthusiastic wino, and occasional vegetarian. While she’s never been to Texas, she’d like to remind you that you shouldn’t mess with Rhode Island, either.

  • K’Shelle Waller

    K’Shelle has a background in community health promotion, education, and higher-ed administration. She is very excited to be able to combine her passion for education and technology to help clients empower their learners. K’Shelle is originally from Virginia, and enjoys attending music festivals, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. She received her B.A. in Health and Societies from the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Mikhail Dzarasov

    Mikhail is originally from Ossetia, Russia. Before moving to San Francisco, he lived in Miami and Chicago. He enjoys learning cool technologies, traveling, and wrestling. Mikhail practices judo with the Stanford Judo Club, would like to learn the guitar, and loves candy from Eastern Europe (especially the chocolate!)

  • geoff

    Geoff Watson

    Geoff is a mission-driven leader who has a passion for building and growing technology and education businesses. Most recently, Geoff was a partner at Monitor 360, where he launched a new analytics platform to blue-chip clients, including Gates Foundation, Charles Schwab, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Pfizer. Previously, Geoff was President of Intrax, an international education company that created life-changing experiences for over 50,000 students annually from 80+ countries. Geoff has an MBA from Wharton and B.A. from Dartmouth College.

  • caroline

    Caroline Humphrey

    Caroline is a Bay Area native who has worked in tech for over a decade. She has become increasingly passionate about helping engineering teams build organic, scalable processes to deliver great products. Caroline loves Oakland, and can often be found walking around Lake Merritt or Redwood Regional Park, watching a Warriors game, going to the beach, or catching a great movie.

  • Ashley Karpeh

    Ashley is a NYC native with a background in hospitality and education. She is passionate about service, and seeks to provide clients with a positive, worthwhile experience. Outside of the office, she enjoys attending concerts and music festivals, cooking, or spending time with her enormous extended family in the Philly area. She received her B.A. in psychology from Boston College.

  • Kevin Rockmael

    Kevin has been a marketing leader in education and technology for the last 15 years, focusing on fast growth, multi-channel lead generation and building mission-driven brands. He led marketing at SCORE!/Kaplan, Intrax Education, and Monitor 360. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from UC Santa Barbara and an M.A. in Sociology and MBA from The University of Chicago. Kevin lives in Berkeley with his wife and two children, loves BBQ, films, and coaching his kids.

  • john-graham

    John Graham

    John was a regional sales VP for 5.5 years at Jive Software, a leading enterprise collaboration software organization, and was an individual contributor at Oracle for two years. He spent 18 years in the tennis industry as a coach, where he used many of the learning and training principles of Practice as a foundation for helping athletes improve their performance. John enjoys seeing live music, hiking, and managing his two teenage kids.

  • samer

    Samer Qirreh

    Samer is a San Francisco Bay Area native. He was a paratrooper in the 1st Special Forces Group and is currently in the Army Reserve He also has experience as a corporate trainer and management consultant. Samer received his BS in Business Administration from Thomas Edison State University. He enjoys trail running, especially on the Dipsea Trail. His favorite book is “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas.

  • oby

    Oby Ezeanolue

    Oby is an accomplished sales professional with financial, medical, and software experience. Her philosophy is “winning with integrity.” She is passionate about helping companies be more successful while providing a delightful experience, having fun, and injecting humor whenever possible. Oby is excited about making a difference, and especially the winning formula — the fusion of technology and humanity — at Practice. Her interests include good food, art, and music (carpool karaoke, anyone?)


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