Cox Automotive

Case Study: Cox Automotive

Working with Practice isn’t like work at all. They make everything so easy. It was one of the smoothest implementations I’ve ever had in my organization.

Michael Whatley

Senior Manager, Learning Design & Operations

Cox Automotive unifies culture and messaging, and upskills sales teams.

The Challenge

Business Need

In late 2015, Cox Automotive merged two of its larger sales teams, and, into one sales team under a unified leadership structure. Each company continued to capitalize on their established brand recognition, while maintaining distinct websites and market positions, but now they would also need to cross-sell each other’s services, present a consistent message, and operate as a unified team.

The merger brought together two distinct sales teams into one team of 800 geographically dispersed sales professionals that were experts in their respective product lines. The sales professionals’ main responsibilities included in-person sales calls at dealerships, as well as selling to classifieds, websites, and trade-in outlets.

The merger required training that could easily skill up each respective sales team so they could effectively and confidently cross-sell the other company’s product lines.   

Training Pain Points

Prior to using Practice, Cox Automotive was using a 1:1 feedback training model for its sales team, but it was taking considerable time for managers, trainers, and instructional designers. Sales rep training lacked personalized feedback, incentive for participation, engagement, adequate recognition, better perception of value, and structured evaluation. 

With the additional complexity of the merged entities and expanded product offerings, Cox needed a solution that would increase sales skills and scale with the growing and distributed nature of the team.

The Solution

With Practice, upskilling and aligning messaging across a geographically dispersed sales force was simple. Cox Automotive was able to rely on the sales reps themselves to easily upskill each other as experts on their respective product lines. This led to increased confidence for sales reps through frequent practice and peer feedback, and freed up managers to provide more targeted coaching and evaluation.


The Result

Practice significantly reduced the expense of in-person training, increased sales reps’ engagement through a more effective training solution, and increased selling competence, and by extension, confidence. The Cox Automotive sales team is now using Practice to track behavior change in how sales skills are applied on the job, as well as shifting the culture in a fundamental way by encouraging and embracing frequent peer-driven feedback. Now that Cox Automotive has a scalable, engaging way to upskill and align their sales team, they are using Practice to zero in on how to optimize their sales performance strategy and drive business impact.


Practice significantly decreased training time and cost, improved sales skills and ability to cross-sell effectively, improved product knowledge, and increased engagement in training.