Ruth’s Chris Hospitality Group

Case Study: Customer Service

Practice has been a great tool for our organization. It allows our staff and team members from locations all across the United States to learn from each other and practice their skills.

Laura Kimbrough

Director of Education & Development, Ruth's Chris Hospitality Group

Ruth's Chris improves customer service through role-play

The Challenge

Ruth's Chris Hospitality Group wanted a more effective way of training their employees without incurring the high costs associated with face-to-face training. They had several goals in mind before looking for a solution that could help them maximize their time and training dollars:

• Instill a common culture and processes across the company
• Include performance-based learning
• Encourage employee interaction
• Leverage deep internal expertise
• Manage and track participation
• Provide mechanisms to reward and recognize
• Create teachable moments


Duration: 1:23

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The Need

Practice provides Ruth's Chris a solution that not only scales their training, but also facilitates comparable and gradable staff evaluations. With locations across the country, Practice enables common processes to be shared and consistently implemented at all locations. Furthermore, Practice provides a means to build a strong culture and camaraderie across all Ruth's Chris restaurants. By capturing and highlighting best practices, Ruth's Chris has seen an increased morale since they started using Practice to meet their training needs.

The Solution

Each month, all employees role-play a core task on Practice. Employees review a selection of each others’ videos, watch an expert’s performance, and see a written critique of selected performances. Practice prompts employees to participate with automatic email notifications and enables tracking and recognition of participation for participants and managers. With the simplicity of a standard training video, Practice engages employees to learn by doing, interact with their peers, and gain access to best practices.


By using Practice, Ruth's Chris was able to connect their geographically dispersed staff and leverage local expertise throughout the company. They found that their Practice trainings were able to accomplish their goals and more.

  • Encourage full employee participation.

    Easy and intuitive reporting allowed managers to monitor and track employee participation in the trainings. Because employees were held accountable, their participation in the regular training exercises increased dramatically from their previous live trainings.

  • Utilize their deep internal expertise.

    Through expert response, Ruth's Chris managers were able to scale and share their expertise with the employees as a cohort, which impacted employees nationwide. Having the ability to utilize the management knowledge at multiple restaurant locations created a greater sense of community throughout the chain, rather than having managers feel isolated in their individual locations.