Practice engages employees in a continuous cycle of deliberate practice, peer feedback, and growth
to create an environment where people and businesses grow together
and everyone has the tools to reach their full potential.

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  • Assess

    Team members assess each other's video responses, and in the process reflect on their own response.


Typical teaching and training follows a passive one-to-many format. Learners and employees listen passively while an expert shares their knowledge.

Practice's video platform empowers all learners to learn by doing and engage with both peers and experts. Exercises motivate employees to practice skills in real-world scenarios and share role-plays of real world skills.


In typical teaching and training, knowledge is not developed but handed down.

Practice uses rubrics and time-stamped comments to create peer-to-peer and manager-to-employee feedback loops. These invite users to become adept at giving specific, actionable feedback and reflect together on what they’ve learned.


In typical teaching and training, learners and employees receive generic feedback.

Practice is designed to provide all learners with individualized, actionable feedback. Employees reflect on and internalize lessons from their own practice and receive one-on-one coaching and mentoring from experts in the field.


Traditional teaching and training often rely on multiple choice or written responses. These measure what someone knows, not what they can do.

Practice transforms know-how into workplace readiness. It builds employees’ abilities to apply what they know and measures the progressive growth of competencies and skills.


When employees have to take time away from work to sit through dull and ineffective trainings, your business and budget suffer.

Practice's mobile capabilities support meaningful skill development anytime, anywhere. Leveraging peer assessment minimizes instructor demands and instructor expertise is used well but not wasted.


Bringing big teams together for training is expensive. Airfare, hotels, and meals add up.

Practice offers the power of face-to-face learning without the high price. All your employees need is the Internet and a phone. Surfacing the knowledge within your organization creates targeted content and makes it possible to realize more value from existing training assets. What your employees learn and how learning is assessed links learning objectives to specific business outcomes.


  • Can Practice integrate into my Learning Management System (LMS)?

    Yes. Practice is LTI compliant. If your LMS Is not LTI compliant, we most likely have already built a custom integration, but if we haven’t, we can build an integration to ensure a seamless experience for your users.
  • Where is the data stored?

    All data is securely stored in Amazon’s cloud service.
  • Who creates the content?

    Typically our clients create their own content; however, we do have content partners that can create content for our clients.
  • Can you customize Practice’s different learning stages?

    Yes. You can customize each learning stage to meet your organization’s learning needs.
  • Can you turn off certain learning stages?

    Yes. You can turn off Peer Review stage as well as the Expert Response stage.
  • What are some common use cases?

    Management training, leadership development, sales training, customer service and support, giving and getting feedback, patient interactions, surgical simulations, coaching, and onboarding are a just a few of the many different use cases for the Practice platform.