We help learners build their competence and confidence so they can reach their full potential and your organization can thrive.


We started out as teachers. And we saw a problem.
Classrooms and training sessions had become boring. A one-to-many teaching model had taken over the world. Traditional education and corporate learning was broken, but we had a way to fix things to help people develop real skills.

We developed Practice with the support of multiple National Science Foundation grants aimed at scaling training and skill development. Practice’s patented learning methodology was created by educators and mimics the most effective face-to-face instruction. It gives organizations the ability to scale the key components: frequent practice, peer interactions, self reflection, coaching and assessment that’s both candid and useful. Practice works for small groups and giant companies.


Everybody wants to get better. And they can.
We believe that all people want to improve their lives and that they have the potential to do so. We believe that the best way to get better is through deliberate practice.

People learn best from other people.
We believe that many-to-many, peer-based learning is more effective than one-to-many teaching. We believe that experiential “learning by doing” is more powerful than passive intake of content. We believe that technology has the power to dramatically change learning for everyone in the world. 

Skepticism is a powerful creative tool. We use it all the time.

We are skeptics. “Experts” saying something does not make it true. We believe classroom learning, corporate training, and workforce development should all have a measurable, provable impact on learners’ lives. Our patented pedagogical methods grew out of the best face-to-face teaching and training methods, and now we’ve proven that they work online.

In a practice-driven culture, everybody wins.

We believe that all organizations can create an environment where every member is always learning, engaged in personal growth, and empowered to help others grow by offering constructive feedback. We believe expertise comes by continuously honing and expanding skills.

We’re dedicated to helping organizations of all kinds get there. Yours included.

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