“In this world of automation, business transformation, and continued obsolescence of skills, companies are realizing that delivering on a compelling, digital learning experience is critical to business success.” According to Deloitte’s Josh Bersin, if business leaders fail to understand the disruption taking place in corporate learning, they not only risk employee disengagement and attrition, but they will also fail to drive positive business outcomes. The corporate learning industry is over $140 billion in size and continues to creep into the $300 billion market for higher education degrees, professional development, and secondary education.

And, delivering a “compelling digital learning experience” is the #2 topic on the minds of CEOs and HR leaders according to Deloitte’s 2017 Human Capital Trends research. In a recent article, Bersin shares ten things for leaders to consider in order to better understand how corporate learning has transformed into a new “digital learning landscape.” The transformation calls for leaders to recognize that investing in “bringing learning to where employees are” goes way beyond mobile phones, and is not just about a new “type of learning,” but instead it is about enabling an entirely new, employee-centric “way of learning.” The article offers a clear roadmap for navigating the future learning landscape.

Full disclosure: Practice was honored to be recognized as one of the five adaptive learning platforms that supports “spaced learning,” as well as one of a handful of microlearning platforms shaping the new learning technology landscape.